The Nakuru Accord

Things can, and do, go wrong in water, sanitation and hygiene. In July 2018, an event at the Water Engineering Development Centre Conference in Nakuru, Kenya, “Blunders, Bloopers and Foul-ups: A WASH Game Show” inspired a call for WASH Professionals to publicly commit to sharing their failures and learning from one another. Attendees from the event and other WASH professionals have jointly developed:

The Nakuru Accord: failing better in the WASH sector

Transparency and accountability are necessary for achieving sustainable, positive impacts from water, sanitation and hygiene. As a WASH professional, I believe that we can achieve this through a culture of sharing and adaptation when things go wrong. To support this, I will:

  • Promote a culture of sharing and learning that allows people to talk openly when things go wrong.
  • Be fiercely transparent and hold myself accountable for my thinking, communication and action.
  • Build flexibility into funding requests to allow for adaptation.
  • Design long-term monitoring and evaluation that allows sustainability to be assessed.
  • Design in sustainability by considering the whole life cycle.
  • Actively seek feedback from all stakeholders, particularly end-users.
  • Recognise that things go wrong, and willingly share these experiences, including information about contributing factors and possible solutions, in a productive way.
  • Critically examine available evidence, recognising that not all evidence is created equal.
  • Write and speak in plain language, especially when discussing what has gone wrong.

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You can download a high resolution version of the Accord and stick it on your wall/door to spread the word and keep yourself accountable

We also suggest adding to your email signature: I am a signatory to The Nakuru Accord: I believe that things can and do go wrong in WASH and I promote a culture of sharing and adaptation.

Signatories to The Nakuru Accord

Current signatories: 324 Individuals | 26 Organisations | 1 Event

*Please note that if you signed The Nakuru Accord before 17th March 2022, we need your permission to share your name on this website (as you originally only granted us permission to share your name on The University of Leeds WASH Blog). You are still being counted as a signatory, but if you would like your name to be published here, please sign again (using a new form) by clicking here.*

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Sanitation Learning Hub

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